About Cathy


Before falling in love with  journalism, writing and editing, Cathy was a struggling actress living in New York City. Cathy was in the right place, at the right time – it just wasn’t what Cathy expected – a job working for OMNI Magazine, a science magazine for the lay public.  Before Cathy knew it, she was writing stories about the environment, politics and science.  Cathy was editing articles by well-known scientists and public figures.  Cathy was speaking out for social injustice and environmental degradation, and in love with her job.

Today, 30 years later, Cathy lives in the desert. She is a mother of three, almost grown, children.  She received a Master of Arts from the University of Arizona  in 2015. Go Cats! She is a Professional Essay, Resumé and Business Profile Advisor.  She helps high school seniors write their essays for their college applications. She works on resumés and is available to any organization interested in her services which include writing their mission statement and projecting their speciality.

For fun Cathy enjoys hiking, biking, running, bird watching, diving, snorkeling, gardening and cooking. She writes poetry, but has never published any pieces. She especially adores her three children: Rachel, Michael and Daniel.

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