A short documentary on the restoration of four species in Arizona.

Arizona Game and Fish capture and release of desert bighorn sheep into the Santa Catalina mountains.

Tucson offers a variety of educational opportunities for students.

Birdwatchers come from all over the world to see hummingbirds at Paton’s in Patagonia, Ariz. The Tucson Audubon Society is now the new owner of the birder’s haven.

Shopping in second hand clothing stores has become a popular trend in Tucson, Ariz. where there are many opportunities to buy used clothing. Buffalo Exchange has 47 stores nationwide and 3 stores in Tucson. Can purchasing clothing from these stores put you at risk?

Over 200 volunteers work side-by-side the U.S. Forest Service to assist, education and greet over one million visitors each year at Sabino Canyon in Tucson, Ariz.

Cathy sits down with Shawnee Riplog-Peterson, the curator for mammals and birds at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

A natural sound video at the city barnyard.

A multimedia video following Samantha Esquivel’s role in the adoption process at the Tucson Humane Society.

A profile of Mary Paul, a voice coach who is a retired opera singer.

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